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Awakened dreams

Tai yra one-shot(fanfiction) apie Loki. Rašiau jį vienai draugei,bet ji leido jį rodyti ir kitiems. Jis angliškai.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

You always thinking that Loki is fake, that it is only a character which is well embodied amazing actor, but after this event you made a difference opinion about it.
It’s evening, you lay in bed, listening to music, trying to get asleep. After a while you feel sleepy, so you turn off the music, put the earphones on the lockers, flip on its side, and amazingly quickly fall in sleep...
But, who knows after how much time, you wake up from someone else's touching on your cheek. You open your eyes, can't see anything and try to understand whether you just dreamt or not. After a little while, the eye gets used to the dark-ness in which stare and suddenly you see a shadow, impaired sit and trying to understand what it is. Been wanting to get up and turn on the light, but the light turns on itself and you fall held of the bed from the surprise… Loki!
- Loki? - impaired gazed at the man. - No, you're a fake! That cannot be! It's just a dream.
- Well, I didn't expect that you wouldn’t be surprised when you saw me. - He said, and his eyes flashed strangely. You are still sitting in bed, and trying to understand what just happened.
- Okay I believe you. – You had already a stronger voice. - But may I ask what are you doing here?
- I came to take you. – Loki smiled.
- WHAT? – You gaped. – Take? Where? For what?
- For several months. I follow your dreams and thoughts. - Although you are very surprised, but tried not show it, trying to stay cool. Still nervous about your situation, which was very difficult. - Whereas I understood how you admire me, thought I realized that I really needed such a facilitator like you. - He saw how you were surprised and added: and I think tonight some of your dreams will turn into reality.
When he said that, he came to the bed and sat down. You shook and turned around, looked into his green eyes, and sort of melted away, you feel like one of those wonderful dreams you dreamt. Like this both of you was sitting and stared at each other. Minutes passed, and then you quietly whispered:
- Kiss me… - Loki hesitated… and kissed you. You understood that even those dreams could not convey, the feeling that you now felt. You knew that you wanted to be with him, that it was no coincidence he had chosen you….
Loki laid you down on the bed and said:
- You will never forget this night....

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